Let's meet at John Null Park in Longview at 2:00 p.m.

2650 Pacific Way
Longview, WA 98632 =1

It's nothing special in terms of a park -- two baseball diamonds and four tennis courts, but the parking lot is huge, especially for a park of its size; it could easily hold 200 cars. The parking lot is as big as the park itself.

Here is a picture of the park entrance and some general information. The red sign is to your left as you enter the parking lot:

It's a great rendezvous point as it's right off of Ocean Beach highway (SR 4). Pacific Way is a small, residential looking street that dead ends into Ocean Beach highway. The park is less than a block down the street on the right.

After hanging out, taking pics, whatever -- we can cruise west on SR 4 along the Columbia River, following the Lewis & Clark scenic highway through the twisties... Maybe about 3 or 3:30'ish?

About 3 miles from John Null Park we'll cross SR 432 and leave Longview. The Columbia is to the left and visible for most of the way: =1

The question becomes -- how far do we go? SR 4 will eventually take you all the way to the coast.

The next town is Cathlamet. A quaint small town about 25 miles west of Longview. Cathlamet has a small bridge to Puget Island.

I propose cruising out to Cathlamet and stopping by the Haiying Chinese restaurant for some grub:

I talked to a local today at the Puget Island ferry landing and he claimed that the food at Haiying wasn't bad. It appears from the signs in the window that they have a bar as well -- Chinese and a cold beer doesn't seem like a bad plan. Cathlamet is not a culinary hot spot, I didn't see much else.

Pugent Island has a ferry to Westport, Oregon:

FYI, the ferry runs from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily, on the hour.

More additional ifo can be found at: