I am getting(what I think is) poor gas mileage on my 1995 540i. Approx 11 mpg in city traffic. I am not driving spirited(right now) to see if gas mileage improves.
I have changed the spark plugs(NGK), 2 new oxygen sensors, tire pressure is correct. Car idles perfect, has great power and runs like a dream except for the poor mpg. I know with the 8 cyl, I won't get 25 mpg, but 15-18 in city driving is what I'd expect.
What kind of mileage are you 540'ers getting?? If you all are getting approx the same(11 mpg), so be it.
If you are getting better than 11 mpg, what else could cause poor gas mileage.
There are no codes.
Would a different muffler help?
Thanks to all who reply.