Okay, I've done the ultimate in stupid. I've accepted that part, but still need help.

I drained the diff fluid before losening the fill plug...and of course, the fill plug internal hex is stripped out. Yes, the 10mm internal hex is completely stripped. God knows why the PO replaced a plug in that condition, but that isn't the point.

I first tried the 10mm internal hex and it wouldn't grab at all. Then I tried a bolt extractor in the roughed up hex hole which didn't work either. Then drilled a 15/32" hole to the depth of the internal hex, without going through plug. Then tried the extractor again and the plug still wouldn't come free. Now there is a pretty round hole in the plug and a stuck fill plug...

Options I can think of -
1. cut two flats on the stuck plug for channel lock or wrench
2. Put a 10 mm hex into 15/32" hole and weld in the hex, which doesn't seem smart at all
3. attack it with a cold chisel and hope for the best
4. your ideas here

Please help!

TIA, grounded 74Fjord02