Please pass this on to other makes of BMW!!! Tom is a friend to all models wearing the Roundel. This my first post session on Roadfly... and am not sure how to expedite this info about his up coming race at Button Willow.

I posted this on an answer to a link and it occurred to me that maybe no one would see it so there is a update regarding Tom Cleave so....

Hello one and all who know and love Tom Cleave:

Linda here... I stepped in at AutoBahn while Tom went through MANY unpleasant, (to put it mildly), health challenges. As some of you may know, Derrick and I held the shop in Inglewood together until the AutoBahn had time to disbanded and moved North to Santa Rosa.

Tom Cleave IS ALIVE AND WELL!!!! For you racers out there, he "maintained his line" and kicked cancer's [Oops!]!

Tom and his lovely dog, Beemer, are doing splendidly in the clean air of the Sonoma wine country.

* HE WILL BE RACING his yellow and blue "gray pupon" 2002 on October 27th and 28th 2007 at Button Willow!!! Mark it in your calendars and hide your daughters! This will be his debut race (after getting well) and I'm sure he would love to see EVERYONE at the track to cheer on #19!!!

If you would like to contact him, call weekday work hours at his new shop: GS Tuning 707.284.2680.

High Beam Salute!

Linda O=()()=O