I have a 2006 650i Coupe purchased new in August, 2006 and my one year BMW Assist subscription expired. After deciding whether or not to renew it, I went for it (why, I don't know), but when testing it out recently, it didn't work.

BMW Assist customer service said since it had expired and was subsequently renewed one month later, the Dealer had to re-program the software in the car to re-accept it. I called the Dealer and they confirmed.

I dropped it off at the Dealer Thursday Morning and as of 7:00PM tonight (Friday) the car still wasn't ready. I was told that it needed a complete download of the new software version and all previous updates because they couldn't "just pick and choose" options to download. I was also told that it wasn't unusual for a total download to take 2-3 days.

Am I just being BSed by the Service Manager or is this actually possible? I'm just trying to run a car, not re-program an entire Country!

Any advice would be helpful. (I've looked at some of the past Posts on this Board and they have shed light on the subject, but it still seems incredible to me.)

Thanks. Ed