I am from the E39 BMW board. I just sold my modded 540 6 speed/sport and in the market for another car. At the top of my list are the E46 M3 and the B6 S4 (V8) until I saw a 2003 C32 AMG. My question is performance. My 540 had 3.15 gears, Dinan Software, Exhaust. It was fairly quick for a 4-door sedan. I am assuming form just looking at numbers the C32 will out accelerate my 540? Will the C32 out accelerate the E46 and the B6 S4? I am talking stock for stock with equal drivers.

The big question is what is the best mod for this car for increase in power. I was told pulley? If this is correct what am I looking at for cost of the pulley and install? What boost is the car running at and what boost would a pulley bring it up to? Can I get a pulley from Mercedes? I would like to use Mercedes parts since it still has another 2 years on an extended warranty.

The only killer about the car is it is an auto. I do not think it has a system like SMG in the BMW does it?

This car is a 1 owner, 30K miles and extended warranty. They are asking only 23K for the car. From looking at the same in the E46 and the S4 this is less expensive by thousand of dollars.

2001 Alpine White 540 6/Sport
Mods to Date:
3.15 Diff
M5 Sway
Dinan Software
M3 Shifter
B&B Tri Flo Hidden Exhaust