Hi there!

I'm John and I am a car-o-holic.

Just picked up on 04 cooper with the CVT for the wife unit. (yeah, i've read about the tranny issues, but she can't drive stick so i'm taking my chances - what can i say i'm either a gambler or stupid; or both)

anyway - for those who care - it's only got 31K on it - so there's the balance of the factory warranty left, I'm wondering how i can find out what the date of the expiry on the warranty is; since it's an 04 with a 10/03 build date.

the other, much more pertinent question is can I retrofit heated seats into this critter. Alabama doesn't have a mini dealer, so i had to find what was around - and it was one without heated seats.

So that's my question. can I retrofit heated seats (either new seats or the element's and switches themselves)

I searched the regular forum and didn't find much helpful info. other then it might be possible.

Thanks in Advance