Hello gents -
I did a search through the forum, but seems it could be better answered by a fresh post. I also wanted to introduce myself to the board. I am a hapless bimmerphile and am doing some research into my next vehicle which i am pretty certain at this point will be a 2002tii. I recently sold my 84 E24 (it was a 633 w/ an engine swap done by brett anderson) in favor of a 2007 E90 335i. Part of the reason i sold the 6 was that i had no space to keep it as a second car (one car garage) - it was my daily driver. While i love many things about the E90, it definitely is missing some of the soul of my E24 - which leads me to my post here. I will be doing an addition on my home and will after that point have room for another vehicle, one i can truly pamper and will be my weekend funmobile - i would like the next one to be a 2002tii. Since my job keeps me incredidbly busy and my young family (2, soon 3 under 5 yo) does so when i am home with them, i have to scale back on my hobbies and as hard as it is for me to give up control of doing things myself vs paying others to do them for me, i know that the smart thing for me to do is to buy a full restoration versus undertaking it myself.

So, to my questions:

1. Who do you think does the absolute best full (think BMW building a new 2002 from mobile traditions parts) restoration in the country?

2. How much will this cost?

3. If i am not going to concours it, what would you do in my position? Partial restoration? Buy someone elses restoration?

My reasoning for a full ground up restoration is that i want it to last me for a very long time and never have to worry ab rust ever killing the car - if i know it's perfect at the outset, i know i can keep it that way.

Thanks in advance for the thoughts... sorry if this seems an unpopular approach given many are in it partially for the love of wrenching on these beautiful cars, but the position i am in with young kids and my work what it is, i just don't have the time to have anything more on my plate right now, but that doesn't change how much i love these cars.

Be well folks and thanks for your thoughts.