I could use some advice on a bluetooth issue.

A friend of mine has a 2004 645 vert. He had the dealer install the bluetooth option since it wasn't available when the car was built (not sure if they just update the software, or more). Anyway, I was able to pair his new AT&T RAZR phone with the car, and make a couple calls, but then the i-drive screen locked up saying something like "... connecting". It never did connect the call, and nothing I did got me out of this screen. I turned off the bluetooth on the phone, shut the car off and then back on, but the screen came right back the way it was before (with the "connecting" message). I believe the screen cleared overnight. He was even unable to use the radio because the system thought it was in the middle of a call. The next day, I deleted the pairing info, and started over. The same thing happened. I was able to pair, make a couple calls, then the screen locked up on the 3rd or 4th call. Shutting the phone off, and the car didn't clear the screen. Pressing the i-drive menu did nothing.