Greetings all! I'm the new owner of a 2005 645ci with 57,000 miles. Car was originally sold in December of 2004 so it's actually 3 years old. The car is black on black with the sports package, active steering and active roll stabilization. It's been a big adjustment but I'm enjoying the car after 12 years of owning a 1989 635csi with a 5 speed manual (sold it to a close neighbor and friend who will care for it as I have).

I've managed to comprehend the Idrive and the various controls but have a few questions:

1. Idrive engine oil level check; when I try to use it I get "no measure possible at this time" no matter when I check it. Engine running, not running, warm, cold, and there is no mention of it in the owners manual. The car has a dipstick so I've verified the oil level is correct ( I changed it last week, along with the filter and air filter). Any ideas?

2. Fluids; I'd like to change the tranny and diff fluids. Has anyone done this? I've worked on many BMWs over the years and they always specify what type of oil is used in the manual, but of course, this one doesn't. There's a tag on the tranny that specifies a bmw oil that I'm going to check on. But if someone's done it, let me know.

3. When you open the door after the car has been sitting for a long time you hear the sound of a motor running for approximately 15 seconds. Does anyone know what this sound is, just curious?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

Joe in San Diego.