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    DIY Angel Eyes - LED Like Umnitza Orions

    While some BMW fanatics might be waiting for new technologies in headlight-ring lighting, check out how this guy was able to make his own LED angel eyes for about $15 with some clear window blind rod, some LEDs, and a dremel for under $20. http;//www.geocities.com/jvxdriver/eagle_eyes.htm

    click here to watch his video - it takes about 10 minutes to see what he did in about 2 hours of work.

    This post was deleted from another thread on e46fanatics.com pertaining to information on umnitza's release of their new "orion" rings because umnitza reported it to the moderators just minutes after it was posted, and it was quickly deleted and my account was permanantly banned because 'trolling is not allowed'. Nevermind that this was never mentioned in the agreement when signing up for an account, or that trolling is defined as "someone who intentionally posts controversial messages in an on-line community such as an on-line discussion forums with the intention of baiting other users into an argumentative response." - Wikipedia

    My intention was not to post controversial messages to bait an argument, it was just to post information about how to make your own if you can't wait for a new product to be developed, or you don't think you'll be able to afford the estimated 20-30% price increase over the $200 Umnitza [Oops!] chromiums.

    Granted, Umnitza claims that their $200 [Oops!] chromiums are better and brighter than some $40 ebay special, but that's because the ebay special's CCFL tubes are only 3mm wide... however there are 6mm wide ccfl tubes if you look, and they're just as bright as Umnitza's. Just do a search on ebay "CCFL 6mm".

    Some customers of a certain vendor would be surprised to hear that there is another site which claims that [Oops!] chromiums are just re-branded MyCarr CCFL rings.
    At least, that's what they claim here, and they sell them much cheaper.

    You can see the mycarr box is labeled as ML-030, and if you purchase these rings direct from mycarr, they cost about as much as an 'ebay special'

    I don't understand why these simple things are so expensive-CCFL lighting is not that expensive a technology! Maybe because people (especially well-off BMW owners) will pay for them, despite their flaws. Most of those problems pertain to the fact that CCFL lighting was never designed to be used in very cold weather, so I see why Umnitza is moving to LEDs with their Orions. However, the parts should cost maybe $15; no ballasts are even needed, just a plastic ring, and a few LEDs and resistors, which you can get through Digikey.com or Mouser.com. The potential is certainly there to make a bundle of money on such a product!

    Umnitza has posted a response to this non-existant post on e46fanatics.com that their products are being made in quantity (and quality); I believe it (at least the first part). But I don't think that just because their product is made in a factory and sells for 20-30% more than the $200 [Oops!] Chromiums, that it is 10 fold better just because it costs $225 more than it would cost to do it yourself.

    Umnitza also claims that a home made project will not be any brighter than "a candle compared to a HID". I say they need to check their facts. Osram developed a new OSTAR LED last year that puts out 1000 lumens. For your information, a 60 watt light bulb puts out about 730 lumens, and a 50 watt halogen bulb puts out 900 lumens. With such possiblities available, it wouldn't be difficult to incorporate a very bright LED (if you wanted such) to power the ring around your headlights. Of course, you can't mount 10 of these behind a plastic ring since they sit on a 3cm-wide chip, but you could put one at either end of a plastic ring.

    On the other hand, if they're going to design a product with ten 65-lumen LEDs around a ring, some people might like the way it looks like a string of stars, or a loop of the constellation Orion in the sky. Then again some people might not like it.

    Why umnitza decided to report my post only indicates the fear that they have of the knowledge that I spread. Knowlege is power, and as Gordon Gecko said in the movie Wallstreet, 'Information is the most valuable commodity I know of." I realize they don't want anyone else copying their product, especially before it even takes off, which explains all their secrecy. And I understand they've put some time, energy, and I'm sure money into the development of their product that they hope will be a success. After all, they love the fact that the [Oops!] chromiums are so popular, despite the fact as some people have mentioned, they have issues. If they were to resolve those issues by using LEDs instead of CCFL, why wouldn't the new product be even more successful?

    I'm sure there will be people who have the mentality that they'd rather spend $250 on light-up rings because they are buying something of perceived quality, from a reputable seller who will stand behind the product. But there might just be some who decide that the cost is just too absurd for the materials involved, and they can do it themselves for near mass-production quality at a fraction of the cost.

    My post is intended to be for informational purposes only.

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    Re: DIY Angel Eyes - LED Like Umnitza Orions

    haha i'm glad there is something like you around. it's because umnitza's got too much power on that board. i'm on there all the time, and my posts get deleted when i try to post useful information like that. i'm sure you'd be happy to hear that he's hurting right now in sales and trying to create havoc between other vendors now.

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    Re: DIY Angel Eyes - LED Like Umnitza Orions

    Thanks for a great writeup, and for your philosophical outlook. I'll have to try this out for myself.

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