I have been in the HID Xenon Bulbs and Conversion Kit business for going on 7 years now, and i absolutely love Auto HID Xenon Lighting. However, as technology advances, so does the need to expand inventory. Now according to google, this seems to be one of the best places to ask about exterior auto lighting.

Lately, I have been receiving alot of requests for some sort of "New LED" product that supposedly replaces the License Plate mini bulb. My customers have told me that these LED's match the look of HID Xenon Bulbs and have requested that I obtain stock. On that note, I have been looking dilligently - everywhere for the LED bulbs they are referring to with no luck.

I've come across a few china suppliers for different types of LED lights, but we prefer to steer clear of China. If anyone can offer some insight into the LED lights our customers are referring to, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Also, we feel pretty strong about not carrying china - low quality - products, but although their HID Xenon Bulbs and Conversion Kit products are not that great, maybe their LED products are not so bad.

Has anyone ever seen, used, or maybe even installed these LED lights?
If so, were they made in China? Is the quality something you would recommend - not to just anyone, but to someone that takes great pride in the products they carry? If so, any suggestions as to where a supplier may be found?

Also, before we venture into a new product market and possibly risk thousands of dollars in stock, does this supposedly "New" LED bulb that replaces the halogen "mini bubls" really produce the same color output as HID Xenon colors? If so, does it look like there will be a strong enough demand in the near future for them...

I apologize for so many questions... It's just the LED Technology is not yet our area of expertise. We would welcome the opportunity to have our name branded on a new line of LED products as long as they are of excellent quality, and there is a strong enough demand for them. Again, any assistance with information on the performance of these products would be helpful.

Kindest Regards,

Joe /ceo
Omni X Auto Sports