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    Classic mini - Mary Quant Problems starting

    The problem started about two months ago. Driving along when all of a sudden the car just cut out. Road side recovery turned up and said it was a battery problem. Next day took it too get a new one. Fixed!!

    Then it wouldn't start. Took it back to the place we got the battery and they said it was a faulty connector. so got it fixed again.

    Then again it wouldn't start, so took it to a specialist mini mechanics and they said it was the alternator so i got it fixed.. again!

    Worked ok for like a while but now it is doing the same thing. Not starting. It ticks over but just doesn't seem to want to start. Got a mechanic out and he said it was a problem with the fuel valve and all he done was hit it a few times and it started! (confused)

    But when i tried to start it yesterday it wouldn't. i tried for half hour then it eventually got going. But unfortunatly later last night it decided not to start. So im basically stuck on ideas. The car is costing me loads for a problem no one seems to know what.

    Any ideas on what i should do?!

    Is this a common thing with mini's? Is it because of the weather and it being really cold that it just doesn't want to start?!

    any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Classic mini - Mary Quant Problems starting

    you might have a problem with fuel going into the carbrettor but im not an expert lol

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    Re: Classic mini - Mary Quant Problems starting

    i have had similar problems with my car recently and it is definitely a fuel problem as far as i can make out! i will let you know if i come up with a solution in the next few days. is your car spluttering and does it sound like it is forced when the car is running? have you got a haynes manual as this may help you pinpoint the problem.

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    Re: No Power to start a 1983 Austin Mini Mayfair

    I have the above vehicle, 44,000 miles, which has been laying idle in my garage for a few years, and is in excellent condition. I tried to start it, but the battery seemed to be completely dead, it could not even make the interior courtesy light or dashboard lights come on.

    I purchased and fitted a new battery, but had the same result.

    Any suggestions as to where I start checking please ?

    Many thanks.

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