1984 BMW 533i Japan
VIN : W B A D B 8 9 0 4 0 7 9 9 9 0 9 3

Problems started about a year ago, but were of a minor inconvenience,
and I just lived with it, as the cost of repair was too high for a car this old, even with used parts.

Recently, the central locking seems to have developed a mind of it's own :
- when unlocking from the driver's door, there's an instantaneous locking, so that you must be be really quick to open the door
- sometimes when a door is open when reversing, and sometimes when in motion, there will be a single uncommanded locking
- sometimes when car is stopped but running, and a door is open, there will be continuous uncomanded lock, unlock, lock, unlock,etc. for many seconds
Nowadays I have to ensure that I never leave the keys in the ignition
if outside the car !

No big deal if I have to manually lock the 4 doors and the trunk.

Is there any option besides disconnecting the central locking controller ?
If no, where is it on this Japan market car ? ( I hope it's in the same location as as in North American spec cars, but after 4 years of ownership, I can't be sure ! )

Would the gas cap door be permanently locked or unlocked ?