I'm cleaning up my 86 535is' cylinder head and what LOOKS like dual valve springs on the intake side.
So I look up on realoem and see that my car shouldn't have come with them, just the regular single springs. I then look up m535i and it shows them (after 6/86). Did the previous owner have an m535i head??

The car was an 6/86 535is US version. The head has an 86 stamped on it with the casting number 1 288 086 9.

Can someone elighten me alittle? If this is a dual spring head, is it worth any more than a regular one. I know the purpose of the dual springs and everything else that has to do with the head components (cam, exhaust springs, valve sizes, the head itself) looks to be the same, just curious if they are relatively rare.

I doubt my auto e23 will ever need dual springs, as an auto atleast, but I may just hang on to this one??? While I was cleaning it up, I noticed that the intake paths, valves and seats look brand new, maybe the PO did an upgrade before he/she sold it?

Thanks in advance for the forthcoming lesson on this.Steve B
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