On July 18 ,1969 Senator Kennedy drove drove away from a party on the island of Marta's Vineyard withan attractive yopung woman named Mary Jo Kopechne. In waht the later discibed as an accident,Kennedy made an unusal turn and then drove his vehicle off a bridge connecting Chippaquiddick Island to Martha's Vineyard. The car landed in a pond, where kOpechne then drowned.Kennedy did not report the incident to the police until the next morning,and hes statement then was implausible to mant Americans.
This death became a national scandal and hurt Kennedy's image.He entered a plea of guilty to a leaving the scene of an accident after causing injury ,but did not serve any time in jail ina sentence criticized for its lenciency towards a member of a prominent family . In an additional criticized decision, no autopsy was performed on Kopechne despite the presence of illegality and unanswered questions about her death.
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