This was my fall M3 project. Last winter I finally got the DLS amp in the trunk and completed the replacement of all parts of the hk sound system. Finally, now I needed a huge jukebox to randomly play hundreds of songs in high-fidelity. And I want to emulate the i-bus cdchanger so that the CD43 can control the playback and also display artist/titles.


Sure, Ipod is cheaper, easier, but this ain't tinny sounding MP3s were talking about. All 600 of my currently loaded songs are losslessly encoded using a format called FLAC.

This is a mini-itx system using a Jetway board in a Morel case. I still have a lot of space left on the laptop-type hard drive. Playback hardware is no silly Turtle Beach Roadie USB based external DAC, I crammed a X-Fi ExtremeMusic into the case but had to delete the DVD drive. Mounting the case was an entire project in itself, but this is how I spent time this fall since the M3's been in such good shape, all it needs is tires.

The picture shows the computer mounted in the trunk on the CDchanger bracket. The horrible looking YouTube video shows the jukebox in action, where I operate through the CD43 buttons and song titles are being displayed. I start on playlist (CD) 1, which contains all 600 songs. Later I switch "CDs" to other playlists. I have a mellow one, and a rockin' one. I turn on random play with the CD43 RND button and then notice that the songs come up randomly.

The ultimate stealth stereo upgrade it complete. Speakers all changed, yet appear stock from inside the cabin. Amp changed, CD changer replaced.

'93 325i sedan
'98 M3 sedan