I own a 2004 SRX AWD 6cyl. which I bought used 51000miles.I've had the tranny rebuilt because of when the vehicle was first moved (cold),reverse was okay but when I shifted to forward the revs would come up and the vehicle would stay still,I also had a vibration at 40mph, the tranny shop replaced the torque converter... much better
Last week while driving a couple of water drops hit me on the arm, they came from the drivers front pillar where the plastic bolt cover indicates AIR BAG. I've had the car through many car washes, rains etc and never any water.Last week we had a bit of snow and the temp got warm on the roof the snow was slush. I had the vehicle looked at by an autoglass company, they sprayed the outside seal and forced air from the inside... nothing and they pulled the pillar cover open... it was dry,they have no idea where the water came from.