Got the phone call & time to order the 1335. The 3rd Mini MCS is on it's way out (with some deep regrets) and returning back to the roots of my first BMW 2002 purchase many, many years ago.

So need some input / advice. This is the last BMW I'm going to purchase (have said that before after 6 of them, but I'm an old geezer and this time I'm holding true to my word!)

As such, want to option it out for long term enjoyment, but siren keeps going off in back of my head that I'm not going to keep my self induced promise.

Suspect that this purchase is not going to be the last one and want to protect against the downside risk, when if the bug hits me again to purshcase the newest BMW arrival a few years out. BTW, plan to buy this one outright and not lease it.

So here's where I need your help.

Thinking of loading up the order form with the following options:

> Premium
> Sport Seats (to get the power option)
> Cold Weather Package / Heated Front Seats
> Comfort Access (have it on the Mini and it's great!)
> Rear park distance
> USB /iPod USB interface adaptor
> Automatic (in deference to declining years & too much frustration with stop & do traffic) + Paddle Shifter

Would like to add the factory installed NAV / i Drive, but debating whether it's worth the premium price versus the portable nav.

Have the portable nav in the current Mini, it works, but the integrated factory Nav seems to offer a whole lot more. Is this just a waste of money to techno gadgets?

With all of the above, the price point is going north of $45K? To do the same on a 335 is running in the range of $50K

Seek advice / input if it may make better sense to go with a CPO 335i Coupe with low miles.

Inclination is to with the one series & enjoy the ride.

Would appreciate input from posters on this board. Thx.