Are these things defective, was there a recall? I have BOTH!! rear springs broken, where the bottom coil is completely separated from the rest of the spring. I could see one break by chance, but both indicates a problem. I'm not too happy right now. At first I thought I just had one so today I swapped that one, and noticed the other one is broken too, but the bottom coil is completely gone hence why I did not see that it was broken in the first place. So till I get another spring I have one defective and one brand new, and my car sits 1/2" lower on the broken side. I also noticed my shocks are rather soft, I had no problem pushing them in with one hand. I'm not sure how firm they were when brand new, but when I had KYB AGX's on my Nissan I needed to put a lot of weight on it to compress, certainly not with one hand. I would assume that riding a 1/2" lower than stock on these shocks really wore them down quickly. My '04 has 35,000 miles now and judging by the look of the springs they must have split a few years ago.

I would suggest you guys check your rear springs!