Well you can now add me to the list as well. I thought my shock mounts were damaged so replaced them with Rogue. This was also in part because I have an 2001 325ix Wagon and it takes hours to get to the top of the shock mount (the whole trunk needs to be torn apart). With the Rogues you can replace shocks from the wheel well. Anyway, when I took it for a number of test drives I still had the metal vibration on very rough roads. I then found that the bottom of the my spring was broken. When reading this forum, I then went back to look at the other side and sure enough, that side was broken in the exact same spot. I can't believe there is not a recall on this with what we are all experiencing. I'm trying to find replacements on the web to no avail. The only ones I seem to find lower the height. I'm really not looking to lower my car as it will reduce the ground clearence in the snow, but that said, I have probably been driving with my back about 1 inch lower for some time now. Has anyone tried the aftermarket springs from Vogtland, H&R or Eibach?