I have a '95 740il that has been running poorly and the SES light comes on in certain cases. When the temperature is above 30 degrees the car runs fine but still has fault codes for the MAF and Lambda control #1 (No SES light). When the temp is between 15 and 30 I get the SES light. When the temp falls below 15 I get O2 sensor #1 and lambda #2 codes as well and the car idles rough and sometimes stalls. Within the past year I have replaced the Cats (the new cats aready sound like marbles), the O2 sensors, the MAF sensor, the intake manifold gaskets, the spark plugs, the valve cover gaskets and even the gas cap. I have checked the ICV and it seems fine. What am I missing? Any ideas on what to try next? Could it be the computer? At this point it might be easier and cheaper just to move to a warmer climate but I can't get my wife to go for that. Please help, it is driving me nuts. Thanks.