Concorso Italiano is the US's premier car show IMHO, and is held in mid-August in Monterey (Seaside area) California. There is always a large crowd of BMW's represented and a Clean Car show within our corral.

I have lobbied Concorso Italiano since ethe last season to reduce thier prices for non-Italian cars to where they used to be 5 years ago. I did this to encourage more '02s to show up to the BMW corral (sponsored by BMWCCA Central Valley). There used to be 10+ 02's at the corral, but last year there were only 2!!! not counting turbos which are well represented. There were about 100 BMW's total, so 02's are not being represented! The price last year was up to $175 for early registration, which includes 2 entry tickets (normally $80+ each).

Due to my lobby, Concorso has lowered the fee to $100, but only if you register in February. After Feb its up to $175 again. Please go and register your 02, it is an amazing event and the best car show in the USA. $100 is a very good price, as you are almost getting 2-for-1 tickets and you get to park in the show itself so no parking fees or hassle.

Here is the link to Concorso:

You also need to visit the BMWCCA Central Cali chapter to register for the corral show if you intend to show your car in the contest. (no fee) Any questions please email me BMW_JEFF at SBCGLOBAL dot NET