My M5 had stock suspension (incl rear SLS).
I really like the ride height and didn't want anything to change except for the soft front end which was due to 100K miles on the original shocks. After much debate about what to do, I had OE Boge shocks put in and the car raised up in the front by probably 1.5".

Needless to say, i'm not happy.
Next step appears to be getting a pair of H&R sport lowering springs up front. Any thoughts?

I really enjoy the SLS in the rear with the height adjustability.
H&R doesn't appear to manufacture a set of springs for our cars but they do make some for a 528e.
Maybe those will be the ticket because they'll be set-up for a lighter motor which will help the car sit lower than the advertised 1.25" drop??

anybody been down this road?