i got my seats retrimed this week.. and i went to pick the car up sat.. (well my father picked it up for me as i was away)

anyway before taking it the guys at the retrimmers noticed the airbag light was on.. (prob from removing the seat without disconnecting the battery)

anyway as we have carsoft my dad said "dont worry about it we have the software to do that ill do it later) as he was runing late..

anyway today we plug carsoft in and remove the airbaf fault.. the warning light goes out.. but 20 secs later it comes back on and reading the fault code it said its to do with the drivers airbag.

my dad said when we was there he notived the guy looking for something under the drivers footwell

so does anyone know what may be the cause of the airbag lights coming on keep coming on? is there a switch of something under the drivers footwell for the airbag? please help