Hi guys, I 've been bitten by the bug! Can't get the 2002 out of my mind, early mid life crisis I guess. I curently own 2 BMW' s and am a 12 year car club member and want a third. I am obseesed with buying a "project car". I can't belive the prices that these car a feching. I however am torn between a tii and carb model. My ideal car is a 73tii, the year I was born. Allthough I have heard nightmare stories about the fuel injection systems on these cars. For my "first" time should I buy a car that I can work on???? I am not afaraid of the money aspect of the deal, I dumped a ton of money into a 89 ic. I just want a car that I can do a 7-8 point resto and drive when my daughter is 3 or 4 years old, basicly I want to be the cool dad w/ the old car. I have admired these car ever since my 77 320, I in fact I had a chance to buy a 2002 factory turbo unrestored fo for $ 2K when I was 17. What a dumb F*^K I am for not buying that car then...Please help, my wife thinks I'm nuts little does she know????