I am experimenting with building, a relatively low-budget, slightly bored and lengthened stroke engine for a 1960s Mercedes. After I re-grind the existing crankshaft to achieve a longer stroke, I'll end up with smaller diameter "big end" crank journals. I was wondering if people have any ideas how I would begin to find used donor connecting rods at a salvage yard, which I will need, since the old ones will be about 2.5mm too large for the reground crank journals. In other words, if I went to a salvage yard to search for donor rods, I have an idea about the measurements I'm looking for (42-45mm big end, 124mm eye to eye and 22-24mm piston pin diameter) like, but no idea which engines to find these in other than opening each engine (from Accords to BMWs) up. Are there books that show main dimensions of various engines....?

Thanks, Tom