I finished changing my after cat o2 sensors and ran my car down the ramps, I found I had lost power to my windows, dash gauges, gear indicator light, horn, sunroof, round side ceiling lights in the front, the information in the dash, the right mirror doesn't move down when backing up and driver side air bag. Everything else works including the dash warning lights(check engine, srs, etc), the center ceiling light (between the 2 round ones that don't work) and the mirror adjustment. Everything worked when I drove up the ramps, it should be related to me changing the O2 sensors since that was the only thing I did.

I checked fuses in the glove compartment and trunk so far, fully charged the battery and disconnected the battery for an hour and I changed the ignition switch, still no power.

Any other ideas, I don't know what to do next.'97 540i auto