I've had my '02 M3 since new.

Starting yesterday, I have a problem with my door locks. Pushing the unlock button on the fob causes the lights to flash -- but the doors don't unlock. Pushing the lock button DOES cause the doors to lock. So the motors work ... but they only work one direction.

I am able to open the trunk and the driver's door with the key. But the passenger door -- not so much, since there's no keyhole. Yesterday, I could pull on the inside door pull and that caused the lock button to go up and the door opened. But today -- even that doesn't work. What that means is that right now I cannot open the passenger door at all.

Again -- power locks work, but power unlocking doesn't. Inside passenger door pull doesn't work either (but it did yesterday).

How do I get my door open? And what's the real problem?
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