Here's pricing received from dealer. Pegged the price at $46,000 for a fully opitioned 135. Have seen posts on BMW Blog, Bimmer News, etc.

Exceptional car, but the dollars quoted give pause for thought on waiting till pricing becomes more rationale???? Thoughts?

Even with owner loyalty, the money factor on these cars is .00300 for a +700 credit score. There will only be 15,000 of these cars the first year.

46K retail- 36/10 with 2k due= $751.45
36/12 with 2k due= $763.56
36/10 with 5K due= $656.18
36/12 with 5k due= $668.28
FYI-24/10 with 5K due= $634.96 or $775 with 2k

If the car is $2000 less, the lease cost would go down about $33 per 36 month example.

Finance- 48 months 10K due= $908 46K price
48 months 15k due= $788
60 months 10K due= $751
60 months 15k due= $652