I'm begining to try on the idea of selling my e28 M-5. We've had the car since new and, to date, it has a fewer than 65,000 miles on the ODO. While it saw mild but somewhat frequent use in the early days, it was never a full on daily driver. During the past dozen years or so, I've logged fewer than 3,000 miles a year.

The car is "box-stock". It has been well maintained throughout it's life and is in very good condition overall. It is not, however, a concours car. The paint is great, the rims are outstanding, the interior is very good, though not "new car" fresh. At 20 feet it's unbelievable...at 5 feet it's really, really good. And, upon [Oops!] inspection one will see that it's a great example of a 20 year old car that has been driven, but has always been treated with respect.

Mechanically it has had a new OEM exhaust and all rubber replaced within the past 3 years. As well, the A/C was converted and blows cold. Brakes have been upgraded to 540s. The only "issues" is that someone stripped the oil plug on the oil pan. It has been professionally replaced but still leaks from the nut slightly.

Books and Records: Unfortunately, during an office move, I managed to misplace some of my files. I have some paperwork on the car and virtually everything that's been done (Motor Works West in New Jersey) in the past 5 years.

If I were to somehow wrap my mind around selling, what do you all think I should be asking as a "realistic" price to a fellow enthusiast?