I placed a simple order back in February (the 27th) on the 2002ad website. I found what I was looking for, it was all fairly priced, and the site was easy to use. I placed my order, got through the checkout process, and even received an emailed confirmation. So far, so good. Then the troubles began.

A couple of days later, I saw that my credit card had been charged. That's good, I thought, they're working on my order. Then silence. A week went by, and no order. I sent an email asking for a status report. Still more silence. A few days later, I sent another email, asking for the status. Nothing. Now I'm getting worried. Still in the email sending mode, I want to document this in the event of a problem.

Another week goes by, and I finally get an email telling me they're working on my order, and that it's going out Friday, and I'll get it Tuesday, March 11th. Tuesday comes, and the package arrives, but it's sent to my billing address, NOT the shipping address, where the car is. I notice the package seems light, since one of the items I ordered is a water pump, and the box weighs 1 pound. I open it up, and there's a jumble of parts in there, but no packing list. I can easily tell there's no water pump, or a fan belt. I make a call. they tell me it was not supposed to be shipped out, since the order was not complete. What's missing, they say. I tell them about the water pump and the V belt. we'll get right on it, they say.

Next day, I get a call from 2002ad, asking me to check my package. They think there's more missing than the water pump and the V belt. Since I have a bunch of gaskets thrown in the box willy nilly, there's no way to tell what I ordered, as nothing has a part number, nothing is in a package, and there's no packing list.

Last Friday I get an email from DHL, saying a box is coming from 2002ad in Pomona, California. It's scheduled to arrive Saturday, the 15th of March. The box never shows up, and the tracking system shows it still at DHL. Shipping address is in Chatsworth, California, about 40 miles from 2002ad. Saturday I get an invoice from 2002ad, which doesn't match what my credit card was billed. It's $30 in their favor.

It's late Sunday night. It's going on 3 weeks since I placed my order consisting of a engine gasket kit, upper and lower hoses, alternator bushings, water pump, and fan belt. Not a terribly complicated order. 10 items, all small, and all in stock. I'm still waiting for my water pump, V belt, and who knows what else. My engine is coming back from the machine shop soon, and I'd like to get it back together sometime soon.

Has anyone else had this problem with this vendor? I take it they're under new management, since all the old posts on them were glowing. Who else carried their inventory, so I don't make this same mistake again in the future?