My car started going into Trans Failsafe Mode a coupe of weeks ago. This is accompanied by the RMP gauge suddenly dropping to zero even though the engine is running fine. Temp gauge also swings all the way right. The gauges stay that way for a while then apperently begin to function again. This occurence is has gotten more frequent and now includes the trans going into limp mode.

I scanned the fault codes and found
P1747 - Manufacturer specific
P0600 - Serial Communication Link Manlfunction

I searched and found two possible descriptions for P1747:
1. CAN Bus Monitoring
2. Pressure Control Solenoid "A" Short Circuit

Can anyone confirm which one it is. I plan on fixing this myself and
would appreciate any help you guys could provide. Is the pressure control solenoid something that I can replace myself?

I searched through previous posts but was unable to find anyone who reported back to confirm which suggested solution actually worked. Some threads suggest replacing the battery and others suggest calling Kirt (Trans Expert). Load tests on my battery showed that it's good. This previous post has a suggestion that I will try tonight. Any other information would be apprecisted as well.

Aleki - 2000 740iL
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