I am just about to complete the sale of my 1993 M5 and after four E34's M cars over the past several years, I think it's time for a change. I love the look and history of the E28 M5 but, for one reason or another, never wound up with one.

I am curious whether the folks here still consider the E28 a viable platform to get into now. My biggest concern is whether the model is too outdated at this point to be considered seriously for anything more than a nice Sunday driver. Going from E34 to E28 is definitely a step backwards and I don't know whether reduced performance, comfort or reliability will bother me. I would looking to use this as a fair weather work car and put about 5-7,000 a year on it. It wouldn't be my only car, but I would need to be able to drive reasonable distances and ferry business clients without issue. Sounds like a stupid concern to have about a legendary supercar, but hey it's 20 years old now.

The majority of the E28's I see for sale at this point seem pretty ragged. I am well aware of the need for proper maint and the risks and costs associated with buying a car that has not been well maintained. And cosmetically, the tan interior's tend to look real tired. I have always made it a point to buy cars with black interiors as they tend to age better. I know there are a handful of E28's with black interiors out there. (I looked at one in NJ years ago...I think it was a guy named Rosario. Not sure if he still has it.) I don't want to get into a car that looks or feels old and tired.

How are the E28's to work on relative to the E34's? I am a DIY guy of average mechanical ability. I would hope that the E28 is easier to work on based on the fact it is a less complex car. What about part's availability? I am the [Oops!] type that replaced the underhood insulation on my last M5 because it had a hole in it and it would bug me if there were things I was "just going to have to live with".

I will have some money burning a hole in my pocket soon so I figured I would begin here with some due diligence. I am leaning towards looking for a bone stock, low mileage E36 M3 but there is a voice inside me beckoning me to go "old school" rather than join the legion of boy racer types.

Sorry for the long rant. Any random thoughts or opinions appreciated. Thanks.