I have lurked on this forum off and on for a number of years but have never posted before because I am not that knowledgeable about cars. I am having a friend of mine replace my old engine 205K with a 73K one. The oil pan on the 73k one has a small leak, so it will need to be removed for welding.
While it is off, I was thinking of having my friend put in some baffles because I plan to start attending club track days again. I had always heard the e36 m3 guys talking about oil starvation on the high speed corners and was wondering if this is a similar problem with our m5s?
If so, does anyone know of a web site that has pictures from someone who has put baffles in an oil pan?

My friend also does not like the fact that the fan is clutch driven. He feels it robs power and I would be better served by single or dual electric fan. I would appreciate your views on this and if you are in agreement with the electric fan, please tell me where to get the best one for our car.

Also, any suggestions on obvious things you would attend to while the engine is removed would greatly be appreciated (I am replacing the clutch and flywheel, installing the Fahey hub from my old motor, exhaust cam gear--advanced per Fahey, and checking the timing chain and tensioner even though they are supposed to be in excellent condition).

Many Thanks,