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    Gerry, UKCSi
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    Test Pilot/ road tester required.

    I require a tester to evaluate a new polyurethane bush kit I have produced for the E34 thrust arms.

    The kit is for both sides and I need someone with an E34 who drives particularly under the following conditions,

    1, Very high mileage
    2, Bad road surface conditions
    3, Regular track days.

    I need someone who will really give these bushes a pounding to see how they will perform and stand up to these conditions before I decide whether or not to make them generally available.

    I am posting this on this site because if you are here, you are more likely to help responsibly with this on behalf of the E34 community rather than just be after some free bushes.

    Here is the deal:-

    I will supply a full poly bush kit FREE-OF-CHARGE to the most appropriate responder. In return, you will fit the kit at your cost/yourself as per instructions and give an honest evaluation on the board as to how you find the bushes when new. You will then attempt to destroy them under the driving conditions as shown above, doing regular inspections and completely honest, un-biased reports on the board on how they are holding up and performing.

    There will be no warranty on the bushes and as you got them free, there is no refund on parts or labour costs if you do manage to destroy them and replace them with OEM bushes.

    So are there any E34 race cars that live 500 miles from the track, where they go daily, across unmade roads, that already need bushes? You get my drift?

    1996 Euro M850CSi. - 420 bhp and rising.
    2003 E39 540 Sport 4.4i - 303 bhp
    1986 Yamaha V-Max 1200 156bhp Import - 156 bhp
    1979 Honda CBX1170cc Turbo/Nitrous - 320 bhp
    1979 Honda CB750 1122cc 13.5:1 - 180 bhp
    Honda ATC 250R Trike - <80 bhp but SCARY!

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    Usual Suspect
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    Re: Test Pilot/ road tester required.

    Hey Gerry,
    Try m5boarddotcom. That is where the action is. You will get a lot of your fellow British mates there to help you out.

    Terry in Toronto

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    Ready, but in Aust.-Syd.

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