I have been wanting this car since I first saw it in the magazines back in July of 2008. I was kinda hesitant when it came time to order. I checked off every options except for Nav, Active steering and premium radio. Sticker price came out to $44,025.00. Salesman told me to go ahead and order it. If I did not want the car after it arrived, He would give me a full refund on my deposit which was only $500.00. He said he would have no problem selling the car, I had ordered, because of the demand.

I have been reading a lot of preliminary reviews and was impressed by the numbers. I got to test drive one a week ago. My car finally arrived Wednesday night. I picked it up last night. It's Titanium silver with gray interior and gray poplar wood trim. I put about 60 miles on it so far and loved every minute of it. I can't wait till break in period to be over so I can REALLY drive it.

For those of you who are thinking about getting one, JUST DO IT!