I have always owned BMW Ms and now becoming a bigger fan of the 911s... I bought this 911 and was amazed how fast it is, I had to buy it.

I am finishing a restoration of a 1978 Porsche 911 Targa, it is Guards Red with Lobster interior with a Turbo wide body installed. It has tan seats from another car, looking to change to black or Red (Lobster). Any opinion on if I should keep it red or change to black?

I have a invoice from Motor Meister out of CA for $23,667 for a complete engine rebuild "3.0 to 3.4 Big Bore" and all types of other new parts... the car was hardly driven after rebuild about 500 miles. Anyone familiar with this company?

A few things left to do:
Odometer, Speedometer and tachometer does not work. - Any ideas?

Does anyone know if this was a common factory combination of Red on Red?

Recover the Targa top, it is ripped on top.

Any reccomendations of where to go to research Vin#9118310446? It will not come up on CarFax.

Sorry of these are stupid questions, but the Porsche world is new to me. :-)