What is the easiest way to order (e-mail order in)? How do I pay with credit card. I don't want to just e-mail the card information. Can I call it in?

Please quote the following parts. I want only actual BMW parts (no aftermarket substitutions). If a water pump, thermostat or thermostat housing comes with a gasket please advise. I have include small items like clamps etc to verify the part numbers are correct.

97 Z3 2.8 build date 1/97
Parts Order

Description Part Number

Htr. Hose Valve To Engine 64218401808
Htr. Hose Valve To Core 64218362777
Htr. Hose Core To Engine 64218401809
Throttle Body Hose To Engine 13541703865
Throttle Body Hose To Pipe 13541703945
Hose Bottom Reservoir To Pipe 11531740649
Hose Reservoir To Top Radiator 17111723521
Upper Radiator Hose 11531708499
Lower Radiator Hose 11531436988
Water Pump Composite Impeller 11517527799
Water Pump O-Ring 11511711484
Thermostat Housing 11531722531
Thermostat Housing Rubber Gasket 11531740437
Thermostat 92C 11537511083
Thermostat O-Ring 11531265084
Hose Clamp L12-15 07129952104
Hose Clamp L15-18 11151727509
Hose Clamp L16-30 64218367179
Block Drain Sealing Washer A14X18-AL 07119963200