Hi everyone. I'm a long time owner of an '87 535iS and have decided to upgrade to an e28 M5 once I graduate college. My fiance is in love with my iS so we made a compromise :)

Now I know M5's are rare, so I'm curious as to what I should expect to pay for one in near-mint condition. I looked on KBB.com and saw they rated a mint m5 at around 8 grand, but of course on ebay I'm seeing them go from anywhere between 12 and 22 grand (!!!). I want to be realistic and don't want to get ripped off, so how much should I save up? I was thinking around 20 grand, which would afford me some aftermarket parts (Fahey track-tips, chip, intake).

Also, how is the suspension? I heard it's wonderful and there's no reason to upgrade. I might go to an occasional track day, but this'll see most of its life on country roads, so I'm not looking for a track suspension.

Are there any other mods I should consider? What brand of chip is best? Any help would be wonderful! Thanks in advance!