These questions are in reference to my 1987 528e, build date 6/86.
First, I replaced the battery and lost my radio code so now I can't operate the radio. If I can't get this fixed, do I have to buy a new radio(wouldn't hurt to have a new anyway)? As I mentioned earlier about upgrades, I checked with Bavarian Auto and they of course have great stuff. They, along with Dinan, have a performance chip, exhaust systems, air intake systems etc. Do I HAVE to buy stainless steel exhaust(big $$$$)? Or can I find performance exhaust finished in normal metal? Who makes the best chip for the money? And how do I really know my car is an E28 series? Is there a way to get some of these accessories without taking out a loan from the bank? I just want to dress it up a bit i.e. angel eye headlights, new paint, new tires and larger wheels etc etc. I know the car is somewhat not the most desirable car to fix up, but it was my late father's car and I want to keep it. It's in really great condition, was always garaged, and it deserves a little extra. Thanks to all.