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    Kenneth 1948
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    There has to be a use for TRX wheels !

    I am in the process of moving and I have less space for all the "stuff" that might come in useful some day.

    There must be a use for TRX wheels besides coffee tables, lamp bases and clocks. I think they look fine but for some reason my wife doesn't like that type of furniture.

    I thought about trying to machine them to take another size tire but there doesn't seem to be enough material.
    Or trying to find a small volume manufacturer who will make metric tires with an up-to-date tread pattern for a reasonable price.

    I suppose I can sell them to the scrap metal dealer, I heard prices are OK right now.

    Any other bright ideas??

    John aka Kenneth

    '81 733 5-speed
    '84 733

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    Hose rack - Bolt to wall and coil garden hose

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    Steve: 85 735i, 88 735i, 88 735iL
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    Ebay first-

    especially if they have decent tires, if no bites there, then scrap them.

    I have a couple sets I use for storing cars for long periods of time. They fit on my e32 project car.

    Or if you have to junk a car that still has suspension, these are perfect to keep it a rolling chassis.

    I do remember when I bought my 85 735 back in 96 or so, it came with a retread on one tire. Some sort of a popular Goodyear tread design, but after a couple years, I could see where the cap was starting to seperate.

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    TRX wheel use

    Hose reel for the shop..or garden depending on how cool the wife is.
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