Ever since I got my car, i never felt the AC was cool enough. I didn't trust any local mechanics in the Tampa area that delt with the AC.

I had a guy who I found online who apparents works at BMW to check out the AC. He said it was adequately cooling. Still not good enough for me. He actually used the BMW garage afterhours to remove and refrigerant to my car. At one time, I filled it up with more refridgerant (probably wasn't suppose to) but still didn't affect the cooling.

Anyway, today I noticed that the car wasn't blowing out cold air. I decided to fill it up with a DIY freon can from Walmart. So far, at least without driving the car....but letting stand for 10 minutes, it feels like it's not as cool as before.

My guess is that there could be a leak in the expansion valve. The problem is.... how do I get to it?
I know you can pay probably about $100 for a leak test....but how can one do a leak test if they can't get to the expansion valve? It sounds like they would charge even more money to take all the panels apart.

Does anyone know of a step by step method to getting to the expansion valve? It's only $60. I figured, if I can get to it...might as well change it out since it might leak in the future.

Any ideas? I really want to fix it on my own or at least troubleshoot it if possible.
Thanks in advance.

by the way, I think it's not a compressor issue....it doesn't get warm at the stop light or anything like that.....it's pretty consistant. On hot and humid days, it feels like I'm getting somewhat of a mixture of outside air as well.