So I'm at just around 500 miles, and just can't get over like 17 mpg. Yes, I'm mostly just doing my commute to work (3 miles or so) and trips out to the mall, and almost no highway driving... but 17? And that's if I try to get it a little higher. It's usually ~16.8. Is this why as of Friday the MPG was no longer listed on BMWUSA's site? Anyway, a friend of mine said it could have to do with the tires, which are the Bridgestone Potenzas... or I guess it could just be the nature of the beast.

Also, anyone know any tricks to keep the brake dust off? I know BMWs are known for pretty awful brake dust after only a few days (I drove a Z3 and Z4 for the last 6 years), but are there any tricks to at least delaying the amount of time between wheel cleanings?