Hi guys, need a little help here. Is it normal for the temperture gauge to rise about half on the indicator? Because normally the gauge would only go slightly higher than 80C, but today I actually noticed the the gauge go one bar higher, almost to the half point. I am not sure if this is normal at all, considering the outside temperture is barely at 85-90F today.

One more question, both me and my wife carries the keyless go keys on us everyday, and today I ask unlock the door and start the car, and the key wouldn't unlock the outside door not to mention start the car. She can still does everything manually i.e. using the remote to unlock the car and once she unlock the car, she can then lock the door and unlock the door again with keyless go, and after we both get out of the car, the keyless feature would go dead on her again. Do I need to replace the battery on her remote? or because we both carries the keyless remote inside the car most of the times?

Any help is greatly appreciated!