I may have something of interest for some of you. I am from the e24 board and I have made some cup holders that may work in your e28.

I have delivered about 75 to the e24 guys and I have about 20 remaining.

I am selling the last that I have at 1pc. $34.00 each, 2pc. $59.50. That includes, shipping box & packing material, shipping FedEx anywhere in the US, PayPal fee and my personal Thank You, oh, and the cup holder too, lol. This is on a first come and first payment receieved basis.

Just fill out the shipping info below, PayPal me the $34.00 or $59.50 at [email protected] and I will ship it out asap.

Easy as that.

Thanks, Steve

Before you order I want to make sure that everyone knows the size of the holder.
It is 3 wide, 3 tall and 8 long. You need at least 8 between the seats so it will fit. Make sure that this will fit your car. Look at the pictures again to make sure. They are clear with no stickers. It just sits under the e brake handle. It can be removed without any tape or drilled holes to show. It does not slide around much, even in hard turns.

If you have an interest fill out the info below, forward it to me at [email protected] and make your PayPal payment.

1) Name:
2) Ship to address:
3) City, State, Zip Code:

4) Contact phone number:
5) E Mail address:
6) Number of cup holders

Remember............ frist come and first pay.

Thanks again.