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    528E/5 as an RV Dinghy?

    My wife's trusty '88 commuter is getting a bit too arthritic with 310K miles on her for to continue a daily 200 mile commute in 110+ degree Arizona heat. But she's been such a good steed that I can't bear to part with her. I just bought an RV and can't stand the thought to towing/driving a Saturn and was wanting to use the 5 as the RV Towed. Two questions, towing all 4 down shouldn't be a problem (she's too proud to use a front wheel dolly, it's like having to walk with a cane!!! LOL) just put her in neutral and turn the key to unlock the steering, disconnect the battery to eliminate the accessories/fuel pump ect and off we go!!! Correct? Second question thought is the biggie!! It's how do I attach the tow bar (Stowmaster 2) to the girl? No manufacturer makes a commercial connector (eg the attachment from the yoke to the car) for this year AND when I look under her the area to get a good grip on the frame it's so far back (just before the motor mounts is the first clear place, me thinks) that I'll have a hell of a fulcrum action. I'm willing to give up the bumper and lower air dam to reduce the lever factor but even then the distance from clear frame space to the yoke connection is still great. Plus the frame itself is not too sturdy to take welding plates to it. Sooo has anyone seen this done/have one? Any chance for pictures?? Thanks in advanceBMWOWL 735I/5'85, 528E/5'88

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    Re: 528E/5 as an RV Dinghy?

    It's a manual transmission right? (I'm guessing that's what you meant by 528e/5 ?) With an automatic you can't tow it with the rear wheels on the ground (unless you disconnect stuff) but with a manual there's no problem.

    As for attaching the tow bar, the front bumper shocks slide into and fasten to the frame rails. If you take off the bumper and shocks, maybe you could bolt on a pair of suitable brackets in their place? I think the shocks were held on with only 3x M6 bolts each, so you'd have to modify it for something better than that at least.

    I towed my 320i by attaching the towbar to the bumper, with the bolts going through the steel bracket behind the bumper as well as the aluminum. Of course the e28 is a heavier car, and I don't know how sturdy the bumper shocks really are.

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