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    Whose motors leak? mileage + amount, where from?

    So I've had my 133k 97 M3 Sedan for sale for 3 months now. The most interested or maybe most inquisitive people are guys moving up from Hondas. Really, I guess the Bimmer knows the ins and outs of the cars.

    I had a tech inspection done and the mechanic noted the motor has 2 minor leaks. One in the back from or near the head gasket, and one in the front bottom near the pan. He says no problem, most S52 motors do that at this age, nothing needs fixing, keep an eye on the oil level and you are fine.

    I go through about 1.5 quarts every 3k miles.

    Well these guys think I'm selling a car that is ready to explode or will cost thousands to redo the head gasket or the pan or rebuild the fricken motor. They want a quote for how much to fix the leaks. My mechanic just laughed and said no.

    My 1988 535i with 225k has the standard E28 leak out the back of the motor too, and a little around the valve cover. Gee they only go up to what, 400k miles before needing work?

    So for my piece of mind and maybe to provide evidence that this is normal in the BMW world, can you guys post some numbers for me?

    I thought I was doing a "good" by posting full disclosure on the car. This is making me crazy. Its an 11 year old car with 133k miles and I'm asking only $9200, not the $41k new price.

    As Sam Kinison would scream "OH OH OHHHHHHHHHHH"

    Thanks, John

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    have a 328i that leaks... may be from some part

    of the EGR system. Alot of M52s have this problem... first heard about it from an irate 525 owner. _______
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    Silicone rad hoses
    EMP Waterpump
    PWR Radiator
    Eyeball Arm CA mounts
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    96+ exhaust manifolds
    accessory UDPs
    M roadster lever
    Euro fLoAtErS
    GC RTAB shims, RSMs, T/S Coilover with Koni DA f/SA R & 450#f/550#r Eibach ERS
    All done in my garage

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    where from?

    A common leak point on the back is from the two half-moon inserts on the valve cover gasket. I belive the cut-outs in the head are clearance for cam installation or for machining the cam journals. These inserts harden and pull away form the head.

    I had a 525 that was fixed by relacing this. The gasket set also has the doughnuts that stop the oil from filling the spark plug cavities.

    Easy inexpensive fix.

    No idea on the bottom end...

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