Morning all,
I know this issue has been discussed in the past but I was wondering if anyone could shed some more light.

This past week I heard some noise from under the hood. Upon inspection I saw that the driver side strut brace had broken off where the brace becomes thin and attaches to the ? strut tower.

I checked the other side and this was cracked too. Same place as the left side.

Now I live in NYC.... full of pot holes etc but specifically I dont recall hitting one that badly.

The cars past traumatic history is significant for a side swipe and a front end bump where in a parking attendant who didnt know a stick shift from his own stick... and hit a wall in the garage and this was fixed a year back. BMW / GEICO fixed it at that point ensuring the frame etc was structurally ok.

So the question I have is...
1. is this related to the injury at that point.or is this unrelated. 2. if unrelated should it be covered under warranty. If related then should i ask GEICO to open a supplementary claim for the same accident as they guarranty their work for lifetime ( apparantly).

3. does this mean there is a bigger underlying structural problem since both strut bars broke. ie one broke and the other is cracked.

4. Is it safe to drive the car while waiting for repairs.

thanks again

2005 Z4 black sapphire metallic, 3.0 Sports, Nav, xenon