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    After 14 years the car still tells me what's wrong

    Driving home yesterday the Yellow "CHECK" light comes on in front of me in the dashboard - I think, what has gone wrong? I press the CHECK Button on the OBC and "WASHER FUILD LOW" is displayed and the Yellow dashboard light has gone off.

    It had been raining during the day and I used the windscreen washer to clean the windscreen, so I think WOW, the over 14 year old M3 washer tank sensor and computer etc. is still able to tell me the windscreen washer tank is getting low - how good is that !!!!! I get home, fill up the washer tank with water and the "WASHER FUILD LOW" message disappears from the CHECK display on the OBC.

    I know BMWs have the wear 'n tear issues with door lock actuators and clutchs, radiators, and my 3rd stop light plastic housing on my E39 melted, but things that normally pack it in on other cars, like air conditioners, plastic knobs and buttons, all seem to be still good on this April 1994 BMW M3 coupe.

    I've never opened the bonnet with the lights on to see if the under the hood light works, but I guess I'll have to and find out if it still works. I at least know the car alarm still works.

    Has anyone else got stories on the reliability on some of these M3 features?

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    cars are very reliable the interiors falter most

    Silicone intake boot
    Silicone rad hoses
    EMP Waterpump
    PWR Radiator
    Eyeball Arm CA mounts
    Sunbelt CAMS w chip for 24# injectors, Euro MAF, Conforti/ITG CAI
    96+ exhaust manifolds
    accessory UDPs
    M roadster lever
    Euro fLoAtErS
    GC RTAB shims, RSMs, T/S Coilover with Koni DA f/SA R & 450#f/550#r Eibach ERS
    All done in my garage

    corkscrew:Laguna Seca

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